Cloud adoption is a complex process and the multiplicity of available options has led to confusion about how to embark on a viable cloud Journey. IT and business teams follow different approaches to cloud adoption. An IT team’s primary challenge is to improve efficiency by building and automating infrastructure without compromising security and regulatory compliance needs. The business team, on the other hand, would prefer to adopt the cloud quickly to launch innovative business systems and maximize business value. There is a need for a comprehensive set of cloud service offerings to reconcile these varied approaches to cloud adoption.

Need for a cloud ecosystem integrator

As companies commence their cloud adoption journey, they need to consider several providers, which specialize in infrastructure, platform and applications. Bringing them together to suit business needs appears to be a daunting task. The lack of a single point of accountability, unclear SLAs, multiple pricing models, and contracts pose challenges for enterprises looking to get to the cloud. Thus, adoption initiatives become time consuming and challenging and, hence, do not deliver the right business value.

Enterprises need a proven cloud ecosystem integrator as their navigator on the cloud journey.

A cloud ecosystem integrator takes complete life cycle ownership of an enterprise’s cloud initiative, providing the convenience of single-point accountability and amplifying business outcomes.

LearnCloud.IN as a cloud ecosystem integrator

Our vision is to deliver a trusted cloud ecosystem. Our offerings that address all aspects of Cloud adoption



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